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Bottle Logic Brewing

Bottle Logic - Alchemy of Elements (2022)

Bottle Logic - Alchemy of Elements (2022)

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This beer is about balance and evolution. We drew inspiration from Hawaiian kīpukas -- "islands" of lush, green areas that have been entirely surrounded by lava flows. These ecological wonders become natural laboratories, where the evolution of plant and animal species can dramatically speed up as the landscape responds to volcanic activity. A kīpuka offers a steadfastness, where the culture of an area is preserved no matter the external threat, now bolstered by a unique opportunity to grow and evolve for the benefit of the "island's" continued endurance.

Post-barrel, this beer was pushed through hundreds of pounds of raw and toasted coconut for a buoyant viscosity and rich, silky roundness. Fresh pineapple pieces layer in a glimmer of tropical acidity, just enough to refresh the palate and bring the glowing rivulets of vibrant summer mango to life. Please allow this liquid to approach ambient temperature -- it will open up like a sunset.


Bierstijl Imperial Stout
Alcohol 14,0%
Herkomst Verenigde Staten
Inhoud 50 cl
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